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  • Winter Boots for Women - Boots BootiesShoesbest winter bootsbest winter boots for womenboot with the fur
  • Winter Boots for Women - Boots BootiesShoesbest winter bootsbest winter boots for womenboot with the fur
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Winter Boots for Women

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$59.97 USD
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$89.97 USD
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$59.97 USD
US Standard Size

A doorway to a classy highly fashionable look with a slight modern trendy touch to fit in.

If you have these boots in your collection, you can welcome winter with confidence and pride.

The super elegant design speaks for itself. Mentioning the villi-synthetic fabric giving the boots with matte colors, classy enough for high standard occasions and formal gathering. Resting on durable soles suitable for rainy days and snow, steps you take while wearing them are very stable and steady, you can’t slip or fall from the slippery ground under your feet.

The 4 cm heel adds the perfect feminine touch you need to complete your look, knowing that it’s a wide heel, so the pressure will be distributed on all heel areas, with no pain to feel. Wearing this boot for a long day is a great decision you should consider.

This design not only supports styling but also relieves feet from pain as it supports feet arch, making it a distributor of pressure and weight correctly on toes, arch, and ball.

If you are the kind of person who loves to change the looks and styles you wear, you will be very pleased with these boots.

See now, you can wear it in two different ways, it could be a mid-calf boot, this way can be good if you tuck your trousers in, showing how fit and beautiful your legs are. Or you can fold the upper part out showing the inside fur, turning it into ankle boots, you know how to style your cloth in this case. It’s like two in one, I guess this saves you a lot of money instead of buying two boots.

The right choice for your feet on extremely cold days as you can see, it’s wrapped from inside with warm fur around the ankle and calf. Your legs are highly protected while wearing them.

It got no zipper or lace, it’s very easy to wear, just slip your feet in, and it will stretch out giving your feet the space to get in.

Come in 2 classy winter colors.

Sizing tip: If you're usually in between sizes, we suggest choosing the next size up for best fit.
Foot Length (Inch)  US Size
8.18 4
8.38 4.5
8.5 5
8.75 5.5
8.8 6
9.0 6.5
9.25 7
9.38 7.5
9.5 8
9.69 8.5
9.88 9
10.0  9.5
10.19 10
10.31 10.5
10.5 11
10.69 11.5
10.88 12

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